Vaginal Rejuvenation

It is not uncommon for women to lose the enjoyment of intercourse after childbearing. It can be very problematic for women to experience a laxity between the vaginal and penile contact after vaginal delivery. Consumer terminology for correcting this is "Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery". Dr. Sopp surgically reconstructs and tightens the vagina to a pre-pregnancy form. This is done in the one-day outpatient surgery center; with very minimal post-op discomfort. Our patient satisfaction is high.

Also, it is very common for intercourse to become uncomfortable before and during menopause. Some women experience vaginal pain with intercourse or a "razorblade" feeling. This can be the result of decreased estrogen to the vaginal tissue that results in a drying, parchment effect in the vaginal wall. This tissue can be safely replenished with local estrogen therapy (which does not increase the risk of invasive breast cancer). Alternatively, a non-estrogen oral pill is now available that targets the vaginal tissue for a similar result.

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